This blog was designed to sort the wheat from the chaff, to review, disect and expose the good, the bad and the ugly of dog training programs

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Review: Sit Stay Fetch– Training To Stop Your Dogs Behavior Problems

Dog Obedience Training Secrets to
Your Dog’s Behavior Problems! "Put an End to the Stress and Annoyance of
Your Dog Behavior Problems!
- AND Slash Your Dog Obedience Training Time in Half by Using
Techniques That Give You Immediate Results!!"

Is the headline on the dog training website SitStayFetch.
What a load of BS or is it simply stating the truth? Well lets find out!

No doubt you’ve been searching the internet for information to help train your unruly canine, The frustrating thing in this search is that there is such a volume of information, that it is hard to tell the good stuff from the bad.

I believe I may have found a treasure here. Daniel Stevens has released this e-book and it truly does represent good value for money. He talks about the reader discovering the closely guarded secrets of professional trainers, and it seems that he may have let some of them slip in his book.

At well over 100 A4 pages, SitStayFetch is full of significant and highly detailed information, yet it seems to be laid out in a fashion that makes it easy for the reader. The book is divided into nine chapters or tutorials if you like. Included are programs to correct specific dog problems, the secrets to really understanding your dog, the best training methods and, for the experienced owners – dog whispering.

Daniel covers the subject areas with such detail that it is hard to find a scenario that is not covered in this book. Fixing general disobedience such as digging, chewing and barking is dealt with, as well as explaining and curing aggression problems, and even introducing a dominance treatment program for those dogs that require it. The list of possible problems seems endless, yet Daniel seems to have an explanation for all of them.

The information is well laid out and concise, much more so than many other books on the market. There is always the danger with such a volume of information that finding a specific area can be hard. No such problem here. The division of exercises and techniques into the nine tutorials is well thought out, and a quick glance through the table of contents will identify where in the book you need to be. This is particularly useful for a training guide that you will come back to several times.

You don’t have to be a dog training expert to understand and apply this information. It explains every thing really well, and the photo sequences aid the execution of the lesson greatly. Perhaps the best thing is that you can download Dog Obedience Training and all the bonus books to your computer and be training your dog or fixing your dog's behavior in minutes.

What surprised me most about the book was the completeness of the information here. So many topics are covered. And if that’s not enough, he offers a free online consultation to customers as well. This is particularly useful if you are having difficulty with a command or have a particular dog problem that you are struggling with, or even a unique problem that is not covered in this comprehensive book package. Daniel can help you with any dog problem.

I highly recommend this product if you have a dog of any age or breed.

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The Bartman

There has been an insane number of dog training programs flooding the internet in recent times. And it's hard to know which ones are any good.

This blog has designed to sort the wheat from the chaff, to review, disect and expose the good, bad and the ugly amongst the dog training programs.

Dogs are as individual as their owners, no one program works for every dog, so hopefully the information provided here will help you make an informed decision

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